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Saraki Is A Traitor – Senator Adamu

Senate President Bukola Saraki has been exposed by Senator Abdullahi Adamu… “I would have sent Saraki out of Aso Rock. I would have told him that ‘you don’t belong here; you betrayed the president’.”

“You want to continue with the game of betrayal? Get out of this place. There’s no question that he’s going to jump, he’s not in the APC anymore. We were there in the presidency, the APC caucus, but he wasn’t there. So, don’t say he will. As far as we’re concerned, he’s gone.”

“We have the misfortune of having a leadership that has no integrity whatsoever, a leadership that started on a note of breach of trust. Once a person breaches trust, my tolerance level with him is very limited. That’s how it started.”

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“How do you see a person who is voted on a platform of a party and from day one he plots to do what that party would not want him to do? And he succeeds, carries on from one thing to another.”

“You don’t have to wait until there’s a change of leadership. Leadership is changing by their action. They don’t have the majority, we have the majority. Let’s come back and have an election.”

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“Take it from me that our colleagues who are now members of the PDP have made the mistake of their lives; they have committed a political blunder. You can start counting the days of failure that confronts the PDP.”

“All along, the Tuesday you referred to was only watershed. Those of us who are following the political activities knew they have been plotting to go. But they were not honest enough with themselves let alone the party that they didn’t want to do so at the expense of the offices they hold.”

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“They wanted to defect and retain their positions, because they knew the position of the constitution clearly. They tried to stuck on some RAPC to justify, as far as they’re concerned, something they call division. But that failed woefully.”