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T. B. Joshua’s Wife Shocking Confession

Prophet T.B Joshua’s wife, Evelyn made a shocking Confession recently. The dazzling 47years old lady revealed that she has three lovely daughters for the husband and she has no male child. 

Be that as it may, the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations wife added that the husband is not bothered about not having a male child and he has not put her under any pressure to give him a male child.

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The wife of the highly respected man of God equally confessed that the husband has a favourite meal called “Adalu” which comprises of beans cooked with corn.

She also revealed that the fact that she is from Delta State and the husband from Ondo State has not affected their marriage in any way.

Besides, she revealed that she has been married to Prophet T.B Joshua for 25years and he is not a mysterious man as been speculated by some people.

23 comments on “T. B. Joshua’s Wife Shocking Confession

  1. Evelyn you are so lucky to have been married by TB. Male child or not, sure you know you husband’s stand in spirit and in the lord and he knows why God is not giving you a male child maybe he even kknew it before. Relax and enjoy your marriage, you are so beautiful my sister

  2. This man of God t.b Joshua is an outstanding man of God i have ever seen hear or known. Infant he is a God sent to humanity, i know there are many other men of God out there doing well. But you see this one he is 99.5% man of God. .In all round he is best and Christ like. What another person think or say will never take him away from this i know you may not like what i said but nothing but the truth. The only people who will be against him is people of darkeness they did not belong to light. B/c darkeness hate light. if you don’t like him check your self either you are jealous or in the kidgom of darkeness. I have many things to say abt him but let me stop here for now. And for the wife mummy your sweet pls keep it up i love u everything abt u. Infant you are example to other men of God wivies . You has all the qualities needed as a pastors’ wife. I have testmies which God have used Arch prophet T.B.Joshua to do in my life. Mummy pls i want use this medium and begg you if it is possible to give me some of your cloth which you are not wearing again. But whether you give me ooo or not it will not change the good impression i has already had in you and the man of God thanks.

  3. I’m happy to have this moment to coment in this page, you are bless to belong to the man of God like Prophet TB Joshua. I’m learning a lot from his teachings and he is a very good man of God.

  4. Wow u are so blessed I just wanted to knowif pastor is married bcz I’ve never seen his wife .May God keep on blessing you guys

  5. I’m happy to see Mrs. Evelyn… Satan is liar. God will punish those who say TB Joshua is a mysterious man. TB Joshua is a man of God, I no longer believe the bad things people say about him, I used to think in that direction too but now I know the true.

  6. I’m so happy for you My Dear you were chosen by God for that Man and God knows everything and he knows why he don’t give you the male child keep on preying for Prophet and I’m looking forward to visit to SCOAN I love you guys you are such a blessing in to the world

  7. I love Mum Evelyn..especialy her humility..the time we as Matyrs went to Scoan for closure…mum your humility and respect yooo..i never saw it elsewhere…your are a true Wife of our u ma

  8. I never saw mum Evelyn preach but 4rm what i’m hearing she sounds like a very interesting woman with humility. Blessed she is to have Prophet T.B. Joshua as a husband, great man of God indeed

  9. You are blessed woman of God. Fix your eyes at the author and the finisher of your faith.

    Prophet, pray for my children, that they progress, breakthrough for them.

  10. I love PROPHET T.B.JOSHUA and his lovely family, This family is indeed design from HEAVEN UP ABOVE. Love u all.

  11. simply the world’s greatest couple and may God almighty continue to bless tb joshua and mama evelyn joshua in jesus name

  12. Wow!! God is good all the time. May the good Lord bless your marriage my dear mama. I wish you many blissful marriage years in Jesus name.

  13. Truely, mama u are blessed to b the wife of this great man of GOD ! REMEMBER ME IN YOUR PRAYER,THANKS !

  14. Mamma I love you a lot. U are a blessing,i always see u preach nd always see u in church when the camera zooms at you,i also follow u on Facebook. Pray for us and stay blessed.

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