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Okey Bakassi Fumes

Popular actor cum comedian, Okey Bakassi (Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule) is very angry and has taken his vexation to the social media.

The famous rib-cracker was seen vituperating in an Instagram video post he dropped on his IG page as he lashed out at those who bumps into peoples’ post on social media and starts making unwarranted comments.

He wrote; “Don’t rush to comment on any post or topic you don’t understand. Spare the #world your #stupidity #askquestions”

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He also said via the video post; “It has become very clear to me why people fail exams. Is it not common sense that if you don’t understand anything or don’t understand something, you ask somebody who knows.”

“So, why rush to click a reply post on somebody’s social media when you don’t understand the point, I don’t understand. Your reply is just nonsense, off point. ‘Something wey no concern you for wetin dem post you just reply’. If you read posts just move on. If you no understand any post ask QUESTIONS.”

The million dollars question on the lips of many is who is Okey Bakassi actually referring to? Who must have commented on his post that he is getting so infuriated at and what is the post all about?