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Helen Ukpabio Reveals Weight Loss Secret

Popular woman of God, Apostle Helen Ukpabio of Liberty Gospel Church has made a shocking confession.

In an exclusive chat with Top Celebrities Magazine, the star actress cum preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ said;

“People have been wondering how I manage to lose weight. At a point, I was weighing 115kg and I was thinking seriously how I can possibly shed weight.”

“I tried so many supplements but none worked. Infact, those weight loss supplements are scams, so, I went to God in prayers and God showed me the remedy for losing weight.”

“Infact, within two weeks of practicing what God showed to me, I trimmed down. My once big belly was gone. It took me only six weeks to shed weight, using the recipes God revealed to me.”

“When some people saw me in my new shape they thought I was ill but I am very fine, I’m looking healthier and fit now and I’m ready to help other ladies lose their weights.”

“I want other women who are interested to shed their weights within six weeks to reach out to me.”

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