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Foluke Daramola’s Husband Cries Out

Star actress, Foluke Daramola’s husband, Olukayode Salako is in pains and has cried out.

He said; “For the 7years I have been married to Foluke Daramola in the circumstance, which it happened, it has been a situation of ceaseless attacks and harassments from a section of the Lagos media especially ever since.”

“I have met some of them privately and personally to tell them all the rubbish they write about me and Foluke are not true.”

“I have appealed to them severally to stop killing my wife psychologically and demarketing her celebrityhood brand. But, the marriage is 7 years now, and Tosin still came out with the rubbish he did few days ago.”

“So, I have to respond the way I did this time to warn those, who are fond of using my marriage to practice ‘fake news’ journalism; hate speech and irresponsible reportage or, rather, to make money for survival from it, to know that the white man has given everybody the social media space for all of us to engage one another on issues, bothering on the protection of our individual public rights; emotional sanity and social images.”

“I deliberately responded the way I did this time, so that some of these ‘irresponsible’ and callous media boys can now stay clear of writing rubbish to feed the public about my marriage to Foluke Daramola Salako.”

“This is the first time I will be responding to engage the issue this way. I won’t be the first in Nigeria, and it is deliberate.”

“Nigerians and men of power in the country, who don’t want anybody to continue to denigrate their public images also respond to engage their issues like that. Some of them do it through their spoke spersons, while some even take it upon themselves to engage it by themselves.”

“There was a time a section of the Nigerian media people, were writing forcefully like that to rubbish Babatunde Fashola’s image, but at a point, and as easy going as Mr. Fashola has been, he had to come out to write his own side of the story in order to engage the issue. So that Nigerians could feel his pains.”

“And since then, the story died a natural death!”

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu responds. He just responded to that of Amotekun recently and he responded to that of AsiwajuReloded group the last time. Atiku does; President Muhammadu Buhari does; Femi Fanikayode does; Lamido Sanusi does; Akinwunmi Ambode responded to his own recently; each state government in Nigeria does; even our religious leaders do.

“And I am sure you will also do, when you realise it is killing life prospects and happiness. Note that: Mr. Femi Fanikayode and Prof. Ishaq Akintola of the MURIC religious extremism have been at it, engaging one another publicly now on the Amotekun issue.”

“However, a section of the Nigerian media still continues to disparage the image of my marriage to Foluke, even when it is obvious there is no iota of truth in all they have been concorting since we started living together 7 years ago.”

“Little did they know, that when they do that, they continue to kill that poor woman psychologically; denigrate her self esteem and keep demarketing her celebrityhood brand.”

“That is what I don’t want to continue to happen to her anymore. Foluke doesn’t deserve that. She is a very responsible woman, whose innocent image does not deserve to continue to suffer social denigration, all because she got married to me.”

“She should even be commended for having stayed in this marriage under a regular income man for the 7 years. Many of her colleagues could hardly achieve it. We know how it runs in their industry.”

“Is she the only woman in Nigeria, who would get marry in that circumstance?! Or, am I the only man, who will be living with the second woman in marriage in Nigeria?!”

“If I were Oluwatosin Simeon, and I heard that Foluke and her hubby might have broken up, and I must jump to the press by force to break the news to the public, when it is not even responsible of me to do so and I am not authorized to do so, or it is not my business to interfere in people’s private marital affairs, this is how I would have put it as a professional journalist:

“Breaking! Foluke Daramola’s Second Marriage Rumoured to be Heading for the Rocks or Rumored to be Crashing.”

“And, you will go on to be honest with yourself to tell the public that the details of the reason for the alleged and rumored break up is still not clear, unknown or sketchy as at press time.”

As responsible and as short as that. But, Tosin’s headline reported it as if he was the final authority over my marital affairs or any of us gave him a press release to go and cry it the crude and nauseating manner he pushed it to the world.”

“Notwithstanding, however, you would well to do your job like a responsible media man, and not that you will keep feeding the public with rubbish about what you know nothing about.”

“How can you just jump to the public like a dog or miserable human life that has been infected with ‘coronary virus’ to start reminding the public about what they have forgot or they don’t want to continue to believe about my marriage to Foluke any more!”

“You came out like an irresponsible man and an idiot, concorting devilish contents and spewing rubbish about a marital affair you do not know anything about.”

“As I write, Tosin does not know where the school I run is located. He has not been there before and does not know where I live.”

“If anybody must do an announcement on my marriage at all, and that person must be taken seriously, then he must be doing it from Foluke’s permission or my own authorization.”

“It is not the fact that Tosin Simeon jumped to the press to do the announcement that is my grouse with him per se, that which is fake news anyway, but the ‘hate speech’ he concorted and the manner in which he presented the content of his publication.”

“I have been a close ally of the media fraternity for over 20 years in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that I am married to a movie star, I am also a popular public affairs analyst; a social commentator and a Social Project Engineer (SPE) for many years. I work with media people to project the life of my projects. I know almost all the media men in town, one on one.”

“So, If you know me and I know you, why betraying the essence and substance of that relationship, by now being the same person, who would be writing to denigrate my image in the public, if indeed you are a man with good conscience and social character attributes.”

“Do they always think of the damage this bad press they promote against people, do to the images of the people they attack with it?! Do they always think about it at all?! That is my anger with Femi Adepoju and Oluwatosin Simeon. You have my phone number and you know me too well.”

“If you heard anything sensitive about me or my marriage, and you must publish it, then courtesy and professional ethics demand that you reach out to me or contact me, before jumping to the press.”

“Meanwhile, there is no marriage without private issues and there is none yet without challenges, but the Nigerian media shouldn’t force ours to break by force.”

“Why forcing it to break, when we have not informed you we want to break it?!”

“Hear Joke Jacobs, the veteran and respected Nollywood actress in Nigeria, as she jokingly said from one of her interviews I read recently to mark the occasion of her wedding anniversary with her husband:

“Our marriage is so troublesome and peculiar that my husband and I have been divorced from eachother for more than 50 times in it, but here we are right now, still happy, healthy and enjoying the fruits of it all!”

That is about actress Joke Silver and actor Olu Jacobs’ marriage the world is celebrating today. “

“Meanwhile, Foluke and I still share the same bedroom and house address, so no reasonable and mentally sane person should conclude that a marriage that is still running like that has broken up.”

“If my marriage to Foluke has indeed broken up, then either of us would have moved out of the home or all the indices of a broken marriage might have conspicuously been manifesting from it. And, I do not think I have ever appeared to anybody like a man, living under the spell or influence of any woman’s juju power either.”

“So, I responded the way I did to Tosin Simeon and Femi Adepoju for them to know that, when you push a ram to the wall, it would turn back to confront you, ‘horn for horn’. And besides, this is the era of social media revolution, when we can all use the space to engage issues, bothering on the safety, sanity, guidance and polishing of our individual social images. “

“I am supposed to be one of you. I eat and dine with you. You invite me to come and feature on your press interviews and programmes, and I committedly answer you and satisfy you well most oftentimes. It is not me, you should continue to use your pen to destroy his image, if indeed you have conscience; respect our associations, and you are men of character.”

“Financially, I have been a lot to some media guys out there over the many years. If all of you do not know, I know and some people around my magnanimity to the support of a lot of pressmen out there know.”

“The running century journalism should be practised with a modicum of good conscience, responsible inclinations; healthy carefulness and ideal social character.”

“Definitely you can’t grow, when you continue to practice journalism as a sadist; an emperor and a devil. You can’t grow when you continue to practise your own brand of journalism to destroy people’s homes, happiness and hopes with your pen. That is why Tosin Simeon and co. are still struggling to grow.”

“You should practise journalism to grow your own relationships with people and not to keep running into trouble with them and dying in it. Writing is my best hobby! If you can write to rubbish my image, I can also write to engage you in equal measures.”

“This is not a matter of whether I am a ‘big man’ or not. This is about my social image and reputation. But, Alasi! All along, I did not know that media men don’t like it, when you engage their own images too in the public. Now, I know!”

“Finally, I insist, my marriage to Foluke Daramola Salako is still intact.”

“Any day, we both decide we want to break it, I will be the one to do the public announcement by myself, not anybody inTosin Simeon’s name or Femi Adepoju’s ‘The Page’ platform on social media.”

“And, that is if it would ever be a subject of public issues ever again at all.”

“No marriage is infallible. I do not believe in a do-or-die marital life. I laugh when people say I now have challenges. Do proprietors of big schools like my own go out to beg for food? Thank you Nigerians! I am done!”

– Olukayode Salako.

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