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Femi Falana’s Shocking Revelation

Outspoken lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) has made a breathtaking revelation.

Femi Falana

The shrewd lawyer disclosed that…
”I belong to a team of lawyers that has done some work on the stealing in this sector and we discovered that between January 2011 and December 2014, we got the information from the loading point and countries of the charge.”

“In a Philadelphia port in US we discovered that in three years, 60.2 million barrels of oil were not recorded here but recorded there in US for the purpose of taxation and valued at 12.7 billion dollars. That’s just one port in US.”

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”If you take all the ports in US where our oil was discharged at that period, I’m sure Nigeria will make about 200 billion dollars.”
“We have not gone to China yet, India, Britain, France and all the countries that our oil was taken to during that period when there was total collapse of values and integrity of our country.”

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“That was the period everyone was stealing our oil. Because we couldn’t convince the government, they ignored our finding.”

“We did a petition to the EFCC and wrote a letter to the Minister of Finance. Apart from reply that our letter is receiving attention, we haven’t heard anything.”

“EFCC has been told to not touch oil companies unless there’s presidential fiat. We have gone to court, interestingly, the shipping and oil companies really have no explanation.”

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