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Pastor Oyakhilome Attacked

Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy, (Believers LoveWorld), Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is in trouble over his sermon that; “Women are not in God’s original idea, God made women because of man.”

Thousands of women have now taken to the social media to attack him.

Pastor Oyakhilome had said that; “No husband wants another mother, he has had one all his life, a husband does not mean the male partner in marriage but your master and should be respected. when you marry a man you come under his authority.”

“God made the Woman because of the Man. Your secret in marriage is your obedience, listening to your husband and doing those things that please him not opposing him.”

“When you take the role of his mother, sister what happens is he starts seeing you differently. A man loves the one he serves [God] and the one that serves him, he fights the one that is at the level with him.”

“If most women had their fathers talk to them in their marriage they would be very successful in their marriages, that’s their biggest problem they don’t know who a man is they think he is another woman.”

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