Governor Okowa Spits Fire

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State is very bitter and has bared his mind…

“Nigeria will divide the very day the South-South agrees to join Biafra. Some parts of Nigeria are being oppressed and peace may continue to elude us as a people.”

“Until the people in the South-South unite, they cannot move forward. Federal Character system and ethnics in the country have been grossly mismanaged by our leaders. Ethnicity is one of the biggest problems of Nigeria.”

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“Unless you are from a particular tribe in this country, you cannot secure a job. Unless you have one big man somewhere, you cannot get a job. Those who control the security apparatus are Hausas. A particular tribe runs the security apparatus.”

“Hate speeches are also part of the problems of Nigeria. The crude oil in the South-South region is being used to develop every part of the country, this is denigration.”

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“The gold in Zamfara State and other solid minerals in the Northern region are left only for a few “cabals” and some “generals” with their companies to mine until bandits started killing people.”

“The mineral resources in the South-South region are very attractive, peace has deluded the Niger Delta people and I blame the leaders in the area for our woes. For the security operatives to have peace in the Niger Delta, they must keep the peace, Niger Delta is a wounded territory.”