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Dokpesi Drops Bombshell

Africa Independent Television (AIT) owner and Chairman of the Technical Committee for Abubakar Atiku Presidential project, Raymond Dokpesi has dropped a bombshell.

He said; “Atiku is the surest bet; he is the shortest cut to a South East Presidency. The truth is that he will be about 80 years then. We only need him to rescue Nigeria now.”

“We are confronted with heavy challenges as a nation. Once we lay the foundation for restructuring and for pushing Nigeria forward, then he will exit. He is not coming because he is hungry but he has an agenda, and the agenda is Nigeria.”

“We are in a grave situation in Nigeria. We need to unite. We need to take power from these impostors that have ceased power and ran Nigeria aground.”

“If I’m alive till then I will go naked in one man march if South East is not given the presidency. I will put my life on the line. I will never be silent.”

“It’s a matter of timing. Those clamouring for Southern presidency now are APC governors and they are doing so for selfish reasons. Buhari has never respected the equity provision in our constitution.”

“Bala Mohammed report said two zones need to be assuaged and the two zones are the South East and North East. Which of the zones can easily wrestle power now?”

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