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CDQ, Burna Boy War Latest

Fresh facts have emerged on the messy fight between Nigerian musicians, CDQ (Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf) and Burna Boy.

Sources said; “Burna Boy and his guys confronted Obafemi Martins and told Him to ‘dobale’ for one of his guys outside Quilox Club. That why will Obagoal ‘tasi’ one of his boys. That Obafemi Martins at his age should prostrate.”

“Burna’s boy confronted Obagoal very aggressively saying why is he making noise. Who dey shout… right in Obafemi’s face. So Obafemi got angry and slapped him.”

“Burna Boy reacted. Obafemi told him when elders are talking the guy shouldn’t do that. That Burna Boy should caution his boys on his own instead.”

Sources added that Obafemi Martins later apologised but Burna Boy kept going on and his boys wanted Obafemi Martins to do frog jumps but it took the intervention of others at the nightclub to restore peace.

The source said this is the reason why CDQ is very angry with his colleague, Burna Boy, and his boys.

For those who don’t know, CDQ recently took to his Twitter page to scold Burna Boy.

He wrote; “Burna for the first time I’m disappointed in u!!! U and ur boys need to go apologise to Obagoal now! No let dem dey deceive you wit ur village title say african gi-ant com dey disrespect Oba; Eko lonpe bi, Obafemi Martins is not anybody’s mate. If we dey cry make we dey see.”

Meanwhile, a source squealed to us that Burna Boy broke a bottle on CDQ’s head at a nightclub and CDQ retaliated.

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