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Titi Atiku Spits Fire

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s wife, Titi Atiku is very angry and has bared her mind… “Let me say this thing again, you know people used to say my husband is a thief. They call him thief; that he has stolen money, but Atiku has never stolen Nigeria’s money.”

“Atiku has never taken anything from Nigeria. That is why Atiku is so eager to come and serve the Nigerian people. Like he just came back from Dubai three days ago and you know his plane was searched. They thought maybe he brought money from abroad.”

“I was now asking that even if he brings money from Dubai, this money is not Nigerian money. Even if they find any money on him, it’s not Nigerian money; friends can give him money that we know you are going into election and we want to contribute our quota by giving you this amount.”

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“They went to search the aircraft and they didn’t see anything, because you know they had been wanting to give a dog a bad name. If you want to hang a dog, you look for a name to give it. Atiku was in the Customs for so many years, you all heard about the 53 suit cases that came.”

“They laundered money, they wanted to pass through customs, then, he was at the airport and he insisted that they had to open those boxes and they got annoyed, that is why should he asked them to open the boxes and then it was the man who is the head of affairs now that was the head of state.

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“He called the ‘Oga’ and said ‘why is this boy harassing us’. He’s insisting he wants to open our box, please take him away. So, their ‘Oga’ said this is one of the finest officers we have and he is not going to sack him.”

“So, the next thing they asked him is that they should transfer him and he was immediately transferred to Kano. So, if Atiku were to be corrupt, if Atiku were to be a thief, he would have been caught a very long time. So, Atiku is not a thief.”