PDP Is Behind Edo House Of Assembly Crisis – Hon. Jim Adun

Hon. Jim AdunWhat makes you think that, your party can still win next election in Edo State, considering the crisis in your party in recent times?

Thank you very much, I must say that, we are in an era where what you do stand for you. In the past, you would say “I will do this or do that, the people want to see what you have done for them”. What you do speaks for you and that is what the ruling party, my party APC stands. Go round the nooks and crannies of the state, you will see developments everywhere, ranging from road constructions, schools, hospitals and many other developmental projects. That is why the APC will still win election in Edo State.

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You have been a member of the National Assembly for two times, what have you done to your people?

If you are here with a camera, I probably would have shown you some of my works. But the business of a legislature is to make laws for the good governance of the people. But because our people are so poor, we in the legislative arm of government are forced to provide some basic amenities for our people in our constituents. For instance, the people that make up my constituents- Ikpoba Okha and Egor are quite happy with what I have been able to provide for them by way of my constituency projects. But above all, I have been able to ensure that, some landmark projects which will impact positively on their lives are put in this year budget. If you are in the senate, it is easier for you to network, especially when it is the duty of senators to screen ministers, it gives you opportunity to make friends with the relevant ministers who will be relevant to you in terms of awards of projects and execution. The senate is made up of 109 members while the House of Representatives has over 300 members. It is easy to lobby everyone and that is the point. Do you know that in the senate in the developed democracy of the world, there is lobby committee and it is one of the strongest committees in the senate. However, I know we will still get there one day.

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What is your take on the face-off at the State House of Assembly and what is the way forward?

Let me tell you, the way forward is for the rule of law to prevail. Let the suspended members go and obey the order of the court. The president or the presidency is behind the crisis, otherwise, where have you seen where the minority supersede the majority? Have you seen where the minority want to produce the speaker?