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Oshiomhole Is A Liar – Edo Deputy Governor

Adams Oshiomhole, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been taken to the cleaners by Deputy Governor of Edo State, Hon. Philip Shaibu.

The deputy governor, speaking through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Musa Ebomhiana, said;

“The Deputy Governor was himself a victim of the Saturday attack, considering the fact that he was actually in the same bus with the Governor, Oba of Lagos and other dignitaries.”

“The simple truth is that the national chairman felt offended and intimidated by the huge crowd of party youths that came out in solidarity with the Governor. He then decided to “teach” the Governor and his Deputy a lesson by organizing those misguided elements to take up arms against the state.”

“I see this as clearly a case of entrapment, because the national chairman invited them to his house knowing very well that he had prepared for them, an attack by his political infantry as the statement dished out at the Sunday press conference did not add up.”

“It is a pity that our national chairman now sees okada riders as thugs considering the fact that these were the same people who were in the vanguard of his struggle to reclaim his stolen mandate. He rode on their backs to judicial victory in 2007/2008.”

“How come that the fighters of justice are now being labeled as thugs by no other person than the SOLE beneficiary of their struggle. So, position can really change a man?”

“The Deputy Governor is a man of peace and honour who has never been associated with thuggery or merchants of violence.”

As much as I would not want to banter words with our highly respected national chairman. Nigerians know better between him and Edo State Deputy Governor who has thugs as associates, fondly referred to by him as ‘my infantry division’.”

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