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Musicians Will Be Assassinated – Prophet Reindolph

Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi of God’s Crown Chapel, Ghana has revealed that they will be sudden death in the Nigerian industry.

The prophet also urged Nigerian A-list musicians to pray against assassination.

He said; “With all due respect as the voice of God and the mouth-piece of the lord, this message needs to be carried to them and they have to be fortified in their prayer.”

“In the music industry of Nigeria, there’s a wind that is blowing demonically entering into the music industry. Some of them are the bread-winners of their families, some of them will one day become transformers of peoples’ lives and we have to pray and preserve their lives.”

“I saw a list, to be honest with you, I saw a list, on the list I saw, I cannot mention all the names but I’m urging them to pray as a prophet of God with the eyes of an eagle that travels.”

“I saw a clear vision. If there’s any person called DJ Perez, DJ Spinal, DJ Blaze and others I pray for their lives. I pray for their destinies. The PSquare and whatever. I don’t know their names but I’m standing as a voice.”

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