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Okorocha Confesses

Ex-Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has made a shocking confession.

He said; “If you recall I was called all sorts of names like ‘Okoro Hausa’ and that I was building mosques and all that was associated with it. But I kept deaf ears because I felt that I was on the right course with my people.”

“I was instrumental in bringing Adams Oshiomhole as national chairman of the APC and he cannot deny that fact.”

“I took the troubles of APC in the South East and the APC I see now can easily tell Gov. Emeka Ihedioha to come to its fold if only he can fight Rochas.”

“That is really an unfortunate situation and it has weakened my spirit and my faith to the party because I thought we are family working to advance the course of this nation.”

“But the way it is going, it does not look like there will be a solution. And there seems to be silence everywhere.”

“I don’t even know my stand about my suspension because, for some time, I don’t know what is happening in APC. But for the silence all over, it just looks as if it is normal.”

“So, I am just waiting and thinking of what next to do but I am still a member of APC and I love the party and will support it.”

“I have never thought of leaving the party; I feel that time will take care of most things but my only worry is that the party may disappear with the exit of President Buhari. For the moment, Buhari seems to be the strongest pillar upon which this party is built.”

“If nothing is done to correct the injustices in our party at the national level, then, I fear that this party may disappear with Buhari’s exit.”

“Our party is already busy thinking about the presidency in 2023 and not supporting the issue of governance which is what we have right now.”

“The score of our party or its assessment depends on what we have done with governance and what we have done with politics. These are some of the problems we have and thinking that being APC is a platform to catch political power.”

“People have begun to zone where the president will come from and where he will not come from, leaving the issue of governance; so, these have been some of the challenges we have as a party but I hope they will be addressed. But that cannot be complete unless we do some surgical movement in the leadership of the party.”

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