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John Oyegun Exposed

Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been exposed by an APC chieftain in Bayelsa State, Perekeme Kpodo.

Chief John Odigie-Oyegun

Kpodo who was the party former interim chairman has taken time to expose Oyegun…. “Oyegun could not manage the success of the APC, instead promoted selfish agenda that threw the party into avoidable crisis.”

“Tinubu is one of those, who masterminded the victory of the APC. He is the party’s think-tank. It is public knowledge. He spent money, struggled and did the brainwork with some of his associates and allies.”

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“President Muhammadu Buhari also joined the train with his political associates. Their hard work led to the formation of this party.

“With that force, they grabbed power coupled with the fact that people were tired of PDP because the party was deep into impunity and embezzlement of funds. They were collecting money without hinderances and the former President aided them.”

“Everybody hoped on APC to change the impunity. APC came and won. However, the greatest mistake is the party chairman, Oyegun. He couldn’t manage the success of APC. He failed to handle the party the way it was expected of him. Oyegun went to sleep after the victory.”

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“He couldn’t engage party stakeholders. He couldn’t wade into crisis and settle disputes quickly. He failed to organise meetings, seminars and other programmes to strengthen the party.”

“With what has transpired so far, Oyegun spearheaded the attempts of sidelining Tinubu. Tinubu, who did all these good jobs was sidelined from the government. Nobody heard about him. People became surprised.”
“Meanwhile Oyegun was the one trying to set confusion between Tinubu and Mr. President. He created an impression that they were quarreling”.

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“We thank God that the President realized on time that we have to go back to the old structures. He called Tinubu back realising that without him this party is finished.”