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El-Rufai Denies Fighting Bill Gates

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has denied attacking American billionaire founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates……..”

A few weeks ago, when Microsoft founder Bill Gates came to Nigeria and appealed to Nigerian government to invest more in education, I made a comment that was reported widely as attacking Bill Gates. It was not an attack on Bill Gates, it merely putting things in context.

“What I told Mr. Gate is that, you have identified the problem correctly, but you are looking at the wrong tier of government to handle it.

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“The state and local governments have the responsibilities to invest in education and healthcare. So, it is up to state governments to invest more in education and healthcare and I gave example of what we are doing in Kaduna .

“I also urged my colleagues, the governors to do same. Because, unless the state governments do so, the country will be clapping with one hand.

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“That is what I said, but it was misrepresented to mean that I was attacking Bill Gates. There is nothing wrong with attacking Bill Gates, we can differ, but that is not what happened, I merely explained the context, where the investment should be,”

“Mr. Gates is a big partner as he has invested $1.6billion in Nigeria and a large percentage of the money he invested is in Kaduna State”