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Joe Igbokwe Bombs Air Peace

Special Assistant to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Joe Igbokwe has taken Air Peace management to the cleaners.

He said; “I woke up this morning to read the response of AIR PEACE concerning their unacceptable and very disappointing behavior to me at the Airport yesterday. Yes, I agree that I came 15 minutes late and friends like Toyosi Akerele Ogunsiji spotted me and tried hard to use her goodwill with the Airline to get me 7 or 8am flight.”

“In fact through her intervention I was asked to forward the reference number on my ticket which I did. The reference No is AK8NV3. About 40 minutes later a lady came and collected my ticket and told they will put me on the next flight. I was happy.”

“Soon the Station Manager came out and promised to assist me. I relaxed. Some 30 minutes after the same Station Manager came and told me that because I once had an issue with the Airline last year they will not allow me to fly.”

“I was shocked to the marrows. I told him strongly that they will not like the outcome of this encounter . I went to ARIK AIR and was lucky to get 9 am flight and I travelled to Abuja, finished my assignment and returned to Lagos with Dana Air.”

“I have read the pathetic and pathological lies from the management of Air Peace and I pray that God will help them but our God is a God of justice. Did the Station Manager deny not telling me that I will not fly with them because of my encounter with them last year?”

“Has the management investigated this? So they think that I am a small boy that can just imagine things? Do they have conscience? So it is difficult for the Air Peace to accept responsibility and apologize to me? When gold rust what will iron do?”

“Lies have never won any debate throughout history. You can manufacture a million lies to cover one truth but even when you succeed in doing this truth has a way of coming out to stare you on the face. Air Peace is becoming arrogant due to small success.”

“Air Peace abused my right as their customer and tried to abuse my fundamental human rights as a citizen by spewing lies to defend what can never be defended. I leave them to their conscience. There are other Airlines in Nigeria namely; AZMAN, ARIK AIR, DANA, FIRST NATION, MAXI, IBOM AIR, etc. I now have a choice.”

“I still believe that Allen Onyema the CEO of Air Peace can do a proper investigation to know the truth and nothing but the truth. Blatant, congenital and pathological lies have destroyed strong institutions, organizations and even nations. May this never be the portion of Air Peace.”

“May God help us to speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored and no matter the circumstances. The Great Book says know the truth and it shall set you free. Truth is as constant as Northern Stars. I leave Air Peace to their conscience. Case Rested!”

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