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Elumelu Plans Big For African Youths

Chairman of United Bank for Africa Group (UBA) and Founder, Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), Tony Elumelu has sought for job creation and inclusive growth as priority areas for Africa’s development agenda to achieve peace and stability on the continent.

He made the proposition while on a high-level panel with President of Senegal, Macky Sall and President of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould Ghazouani.

Defence Minister of France, Florence Parly and former President of Burundi and representative of the African Union, Pierre Buyoya were other speakers on the panel.

Elumelu said: “We know, and we say, that poverty anywhere is a threat to mankind everywhere. What manifests itself in what we call security breakdown or terrorism, or extremism is actually deeply rooted in poverty, in joblessness.”

“So with due respect, we can have 101 seminars like this but unless and until we begin to address these issues of poverty, joblessness amongst our young ones, they will continue to allow themselves to be brainwashed by people who see no future, and they will continue to engage in extremism.”

“While it is important to discuss weaponry, and other means to deal with insurgency, a lasting peace can only be attained in the long run by investing in our young people across Africa.”

“The impact of the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s $100 million Entrepreneurship Programme is one of the practical ways the private sector in Africa can intervene to bring about peace and stability on the continent.”

“The partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is to empower 100,000 young Africans in 10 years with a focus on the Sahel region for its first year.”

“Activities and interventions like this will help to bring economic hope to people in this part of the world and they will become less involved in extremism.”

“We support these young ones and we are beginning to see how their successes are translated into better and more secure communities.”

“Businesses cannot flourish where there is extremism and people are afraid for their lives. It will be even harder to attract the global private capital needed for large infrastructure projects and long-term investments which can help to fix our economy.”

“All stakeholders should collaborate to win the war on poverty and insecurity. There is a lot we all can do – the private sector, government, and development partners – in making sure that we focus on winning the war on terrorism; that we make sure we stem the migration of our young people crossing the Mediterranean through harsh conditions, in search of hope, when indeed we have more opportunities and resources in our continent.”

“We need to work together to ensure that extremism is totally annihilated in Africa. It is possible but we need to work together to achieve this.”

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