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Clark Bombs Sekibo

Leader of Ijaw Nation, Chief Edwin Clark has lambasted the Ijaw People’s Congress leader, Senator George Sekibo over his claim that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike has done a lot for the Ijaw people by helping Siminalayi Fubara to become the governor of Rivers State.

Clark in a letter to Sekibo said:

“The Ijaw have made sacrifices for the survival of Rivers State, of which Wike himself was a beneficiary.”

“The Ijaw supported Wike’s political career and never asked him to bow to them throughout his eight years as Rivers governor.”

“I am, therefore, at a loss when I listened to your narrative regarding the unimaginable extent to which Wike has helped the Ijaw people. On the contrary, perhaps unknown to you, Wike has been the number one beneficiary of the goodwill of the Ijaw people. Throughout his political life, he has benefited from the help of the Ijaws.”

“That is why his disagreement with Siminalayi Fubara, whom he had picked over and above all our other sons and daughters, is quite sad and at times, disturbing. It is not a fight between the Ijaws and other groups. No, because this fight is actually about what is right and proper. He epitomised the so-called godfather-godson syndrome.”

“He is not the first person to have been a major political actor and later come to the centre. Many of us were key political powerbrokers in our states and came to the centre, yet shun suffocating godfatherism roles as much as possible.”

“Since you and your colleagues are close associates of Wike and are ready to go to any extent to promote his image, which has now become totally dented on the national scene, it is time to advise him to face his work in Abuja and leave the governor to do his work.”

“My dear son, you are an Ijaw man from Ogu. Did the people of Ogu lord it over Barr. Nyesom Wike because they fought to make him governor? What you and your fellows are doing is sacrificing the Ijaw soul on the platter of political patronage. Think again!”

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