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Biodun Okeowo Confesses

Famous actress, Biodun Okeowo a.k.a Omoborty has made a shocking confession.

She said; “I never had any embarrassing moment per se. But I remember a certain man that used to call me ‘Iya Iyabo’ in Kaduna then, because of my massive hips.”

“He was like ‘If you born, this your yansh go full everywhere o; because you never born, the thing too big’. So, that made me conscious of my shape; as skinny as I was then, my curves couldn’t be hidden.”

“Curves opening doors?. I don’t even socialise. God has been my door opener, not curves or anybody.”

“I drink a lot of water. I exercise once in a while, though I am getting lazy in that aspect. I also exfoliate a lot. And I moisturize too.”

“However, I don’t joke with my Organo white lotion and soap from Victoria’s Beauty. I’m a fan of glowing skin. I take a lot of skin vitamins.”

– Source: THE SUN

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