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Balarabe Musa Blasts Buhari

Former Governor Balarabe Musa of old Kaduna State has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said; “The incessant attacks and killings in Southern Kaduna and other parts of the country is condemnable. No serious and patriotic government will allow this level of Killings of its citizens by terrorist and be watching aimlessly.”

“Nigerians must do a lot to ensure that civil war does not break out under the Buhari’s administration, as relayed by Prof Obadiah Mailafia.”

“Insecurity exists in all parts of the country, but it is worst in the North, and worst in the northeast and NorthWest.”

“The failure of President Buhari-led government is already having negative effects on the nation’s image. Imagine the President saying he wants to import arms from Russia, China, US and Jordan; these countries will see us as a nation that is not serious.”

“Is it now we suddenly realised that we should import arms when the people have been killed and maimed by terrorists and armed bandits? See, this is an unserious and irresponsible government. Nigerians should not take this government serious over this mindless level of insecurity.”

“The level of insecurity and economic mismanagement has gone to a higher level, anything can happen. This can even lead to civil disobedience and civil war.”

“Once the government cannot deal with the insecurity in one state, when the situation is all over the country, the government naturally loses grip on its security challenges.”

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