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Actress Rahama Sadau In Hot Soup

Popular Hausa actress, Rahama Sadau is in fresh trouble.

The screen diva ran into trouble after she shared a photo of herself and another lady showing which she captioned “Rahama X Shabnam” exposing part of her shoulder.

Her post has however generated controversies as some Muslim fellows have now attacked her for showing off her skin in the new photo.

See their reactions below…

@homchyld_: “Allah ubangiji ya shiryemu baki daya, but this not part of our religion, I mean half of ur shoulder is nake, pls take note, its forbidden, Pls don’t be among of kasiyatun ariyatun.”

@_Saint_Lucifer: “We dont need to copy them just so we can impress them rn you have the power to take northern fashion beyond the borders of Nigeria @Rahma_sadau and others you can show the world how spectacular and amazing the northern part of Nigeria is….we dont need to copy them tbh.”

@JibrilIsaBello2: “Miss Rahma kenan!!! Allah yasa kigane. We love you because you’re Muslima but the way you chose to live is not for someone that hoping for Allah’s Rahma. May Allah grant us understanding”

@SidiFaisal: “Wallahi this is unislamic, banza jaki mysew”

@Legit_KBawa: “Even the shabnam’s dressing is looking more modest. Continue. This life is short and a word is enough for the wise.”

@Mohamme77197166: “I really like seeing you progressing but it’s better you cover your head for sake of Almighty Allah……”

@diqsaa1: “Muslim ummah we av to stop commenting on her post, if we could remember her apology those days. She said am muslima and know wat is good and bad for me.. So I think since she knows , she will be judge on how she betray her knowledge at here after. May Allah have mercy on us.”

@AkeelBen: “Run your life the way you like it.. We did ours and we leave the rest to Allah SWT. May He (Allah) let you know the real path in time. But I’ll say; Angel is not going to alert or flash you wen he’s coming. Wen it’s time, it’s time and indeed death ia inevitable”

@MakwarariBala: “Rahama you will never change”

@mowserh: “Madness…even the hair sef are wore….Godforbid scshhhhhh”

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