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Actress Ada Ebere Laments

Nollywood actress, Ada Ebere a.k.a Ada la Pinky is in pains and has revealed her agony.

She said; “People see my boobs before they see me. Whenever I go out, men and women stare at my boobs before even looking at my face.”

“So, I think my boobs are my unique selling points. I didn’t do breast enlargement, they are all natural. I never liked big boobs. I’d have preferred a portable size but here I am blessed with large ones and I am grateful.”

“However, I might do butts enlargement to align with my boobs, because I have always been a fan of big booties. I want to have big butts. Also, the sexual harassment I face comes only from ladies.”

“I can’t run. I find it difficult to run unless I hold my chest. Another challenge is that I can’t sleep on my chest; it has to be either upright or sideways.”

“It was so painful during my growing up days. I love to sleep on my chest but sadly I couldn’t. It is also very hard to get my bra size in the market. Most times, I buy the biggest size and amend it, especially the hands.”

“Funny enough, I hardly wear bras even when going out. Then, there are some roles you can’t take because you have big boobs.”

“Most times, I feel all the guys that are wooing me are after my boobs. I feel they don’t care to know the real me, but just want to have a feel of my boobs.”

– Source: The Sun

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