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Zee World Weekly Highlights 29th April – 5th May

My Golden Home

Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Its Abha and Karan’s annivesary. Albeli and Karan goes to the temple for blessings at the same time Arun and Abha goes too. Vimal faces a problem in his business. Priyanka catches Veer in a compromising situation. Jhumroo tricks Abha into going to the temple and marries her. Lata suprises Raj with a birthday celebration and a gift. Karan and Albeli are involved in an accident and meet someone very close to Albeli. Albeli receives what she considers good news.

This is Fate

Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Karan is out of jail thanks to his brother Pratab, but he finds himself trapped in a planned marriage. Karan is getting married to Monisha, while she is convinced that Karan is in love with her, Preeta and Karan are only gathering evidence. Sarla finds herself at the mansion to support the family that told her never to go back there.

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Twist of Fate 2

Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

On their way back, Tarun and Bubbly are held hostage with a demand of 10 million as reward. Abhi and Pragya decide to tie the knot in order to save Bubbly and Tarun. Bubbly and Tarun are home but their parents are not happy with the decision they’re about to take. Tanu is planning on telling Mr Sing everything about Pragya and Abhi. Grandma is finding it hard to pretend with Mr Sing. She wants Abhi and Pragya to get back together and is trying everything in her power to make Mr sing realise that.

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Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Leleti calls Karan out for being mean to Norah. Thugs try to hurt Mehek in front of Shaurya, his reaction is unexpected. Norah and Kara’s relationship takes a knock and there is a lot at stake. Shaurya ends Mehek’s misery and saves her from making a big mistake. Shaurya offers Mehek a job at his restaurant only to find out that she is working for KD.  Mehek confesses her love for Shaurya and he responds to the news with a big gesture. Karan owns up to his mistakes to make amends with Norah. After Svetlana succeeds with humiliating the Sharmas, Shaurya feels compelled to make amends. Dennis is at a cross road with his career once more.

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King of Hearts

Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Sid comes to know Roshni’s reason for not wanting to spend her life with a wealthy partner. Roshni goes to meet Sid’s parents and immediately creates a bond with them. Siddharth meets DD for the first time, he is immediately shocked that Roshni’s mother is the lady he has been pestering. DD meets Sid’s parents and her behaviour towards them is very rude and demeaning. DD invites Sid’s parents to dinner,she humiliates and belittles them until they can’t take it anymore. Siddharth tells his family that his engagement to Roshni has been broken and that their relationship is over. Roshni finds out about her mother’s conniving ways