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Young Ladies Should Marry Old Men – Nedu

Famous comedian and On-Air Personality, Nedu (Alhaji Musa) has dropped a bombshell.

He said: “Ladies, let me encourage you. If you have that older man that is eyeing you, that wants to marry you, he is 45, 50 you are still 20 or something, you are an adult, does he have the wherewithal to take care of you? If he does, go ahead.”

“That young guy that you want to marry now, don’t you think that young guy misbehavior go still dey the young guy body?”

“But this older man, wetin he dey find? He don go club finish. He is not thinking of Ferrari, he is thinking of Rolls Royce.”

“It is suffering if you go for an older man that does not have money, you are wasting your time.”

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