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Yeni Kuti Reveals Agony

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s daughter, Yeni Kuti has made a shocking revelation…

 “Back then, when you said you were a dancer, people looked down on you. But today, we have collectively worked to show that dancers deserve their place in society. I am really proud of where dancers are today.”

“I was never a member of Fela’s band. I was a foundation member of Femi’s band. I still choreograph and train the dancers. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is that hard work pays.”

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“I am glad that people think I’m energetic, though I have slowed down considerably. With age comes aches and pains in different places. However, I wouldn’t trade my age for anything. Age is accompanied by experience, knowledge and the joy of being alive.”

“I don’t dwell on negativity. If anyone has a misconception about me, I don’t really care; so, I wouldn’t know. If a person wants to think about me negatively, that is the person’s cross. As for me, I am living my life.  If you want to live your life through me by thinking negatively, it’s good for me because it helps me grow.”