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Why I’m Still Single – Honeypot

Television Continental (TVC) star, Honeypot, (Olayemi Ogunwale) has revealed why she is still searching for a husband…   

“I am not married, this is because I have not seen the person I could actually settle down with. If I find the person and we are on the same page and the person wants to be with me too, why not? That’s the reason I’m not yet married and I’m looking forward to it very soon.”

“I am easy to maintain if you are rich, just make sure I’m driving beautiful cars, I change cloths every time, I get to spend money every time, money is good, you can agree with me that it makes the world go round, right?”

“I really don’t agree with that statement that no beautiful woman can stay with one man, because I know that love still exist. If you really like that person and you are cool with the person, why change? I know of ladies who put all their eggs in on basket and they are beautiful, they face who they are dealing with at that particular time.”

“I see that the world has changed, things are not how it used to be, I have met a lot of married men who know that they are married but they still come to you to ask you out, most times I just wonder when I see things like that, some of them don’t wear rings and they look so young and you would be hopeful, thinking that you could actually start something with them, this has happened to me before, and you will be disappointed to know that the guy is married.”

“I like it when some guys tell you the truth that they are married, and some of these young guys will shock you by telling you they’ve been married like since 1952. Most times you see the married men pestering the single girls, sometimes its not the girls who really want the married men but they are pressurized by the men.”

“Most men mislead the single ladies, raising their hopes towards marriage, there’s no reason to lie to ladies, tell them the truth and wait for her decision. So in view of your outward appearance, you must have been overburdened with the compliment that you are sexy. What makes a woman sexy and would you describe yourself as sexy or just beautiful?”

“If I understand the meaning of sexy well, it means sexually attractive. Somehow, I see it as offensive, but I feel people have come to accept it as a compliment. If it’s going to mean sexually attractive, I do not want it to be the first thing people see in me. When people see me I like to be just beautiful, there are more to a beautiful lady.”

– Culled from VANGUARD

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