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Why Femi Fani-Kayode’s Marriage Crashed

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode’s marriage crisis has taken a different dimension.

Bosom friend of the couple, Deji Adeyanju has made shocking revelations about what led the couple’s separation.

Deji took to Twitter to ask the wife, Precious when and how did FFK abuse her, if the abuse happened when she was pregnant or when her siblings and family members were living. He said her family members were always around in FFK’s home.

Deji said he has been in the know on many of their quarrels in the past which he had even been invited to resolve several times and it was never about domestic abuse.

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Deji equally revealed that FFK has done everything for Precious from supporting her beauty pageantry with about $500,000 at the start of their relationship to standing by her when she had several surgeries.

Deji added that FFK took care of the medical bills of her parents who were battling with cancer amongst several other things.

Deji stated that Precious Fani Kayode knows where her problems are coming from and they are spiritual. Deji advised her to seek the face of God instead of chasing shadows.

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He also stated that the fact that she has survived this long is a testimony. Deji recalled when Mrs Precious agreed to be checked into a mental home because of her mental issues and how she consequently ran away from the mental home.

Deji reiterated that it is not about domestic violence because she has never raised this issue, nor her family members that stay with them at home, or at any time when Deji went to settle issues between she and her husband.

Deji recounted how Mrs Precious had lost her mind on several occasions and even attacked her husband FFK and other domestic staff with a knife.

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However, Deji has deleted all the tweets. We gathered that Deji deleted his original tweets after FFK called him to do so saying no one should join issues with her publicly.