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What People Don’t Know About Anita Joseph’s Lover

Star actress, Anita Joseph’s lover has been unveiled. His name is Fisayo Micheal a.k.a MC Fish.

However, in a chat with the tall, handsome dude, he said;

“My name is MC Fish, the real one, the chosen one. I’m a hype man, an actor, a host, the name Fish came from my troublesome friend while I was in school. My real name is Fisayo Micheal.”

“The friend who mischievously gave me the name was a bit innocent about because he just wanted to call my name and he mispronounced as ‘Fishayo’. From that day on, others just turned it to ‘Fish’ and it caught on. When I started I felt it wasn’t a name so bad, so I took it on”

“I have a special woman in my life. Her name is Anita Joseph, she is a Nollywood actress. I’m not scared at all I am dating an actress. I believe it’s not about what the person does, it’s who the person is.”

“My woman fit all criteria. I understand it’s her job, so whenever she is acting, even a sexual scene, I would just sit back and watch my baby girl do her thing because I know she is acting, it’s not the real thing. It’s her job, we are both entertainers and we have understanding.

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