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Wasiu Ayinde Marshal’s New Wife Revealed

Famous fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal has fallen head-over-heels in love with Tayelolu Amokeade Aramide Adenle a.k.a Aramite.

Insiders told us that the duo have been dating secretly for the past five years and they have a daughter together.

Our sources added that Aramite is a fashion designer, based in Ibadan and she is in her 30s.

The musician has been telling family and friends that Aramite is the last wife he will marry and he is madly in love with her because she is industrious, accommodating, humble and resourceful.

Insiders added that when Aramide had her daughter, K1 sent his personal clerics (Alfas) to perform the naming ceremony.

The musician declared his love publicly for Aramite recently at the burial ceremony of her mother, Alhaja Tayelolu Apinke Omojekeo Adenle, who died on April 11, at the age of 74.

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Tagged with the hashtag, #ApinkeStillLives, the party, which took place on Friday, August 23 at Daylan Events and Conference Centre, Ibadan, Oyo State, allegedly had the indomitable presence, strong bearing and full support of the Fuji King.

K1 was reported to have left no one in doubt that he was the chief host and principal financier of the burial party.

Sources disclosed that K1 injected over N15 million into the preparation, planning and hosting of the party.

We gathered that the veteran musician was not only on stage to perform for the guests, he also invited his close friends, fans and many prominent dignitaries to honour him in hosting a deserved farewell party for his his mother-in-law.

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Sources disclosed that choice drinks like Champaign and vintage wine were in excess supply, and so were mouth-watering continental and local dishes.

Some guests at the grand party revealed that few hours into midnight, hot Chinese food was still being served at the party.

A source at the party told us that; “The show of love reached a crescendo when K1 began to spray Aramide’s siblings; Anikky Nice and Kehinde (Aramite’s twin brother).”

“When it was the turn of his lover to dance, K1 went gaga and the entire hall erupted in a volcanic response.”

“After spraying millions of naira notes on Aramide, KI brought out ten bales of ten thousand Canadian dollars ($10,000) and began to spray his wife, sealing his action with intermittent kisses.”

“He was about to dip his hand on the fifth bale, when his boys, KC and Gaji cautioned him to press the pause button on his spraying spree.”