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Waje’s Dirty Secrets Exposed

Popular singer, WAJE, (Aituaje Iruobe) ugly secret has been blown opened by her Personal Assistant, Yvonne Imongan.

The angry Yvonne lamented that she almost lost her life working with the star musician; “Personal assistants are people’s children not classified maids”

She has also taken to the social media to take a swipe at the singer… “I almost lost my life running errands for her. All I asked was time to study for my forthcoming exam and also in the midst work for her.”

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“I wasn’t really about the pay. I fell ill in the process working and funny I didn’t get a lil support for my medical bills. I let that slid.”

“All these drama just started this morning when I asked for a few days to study she asked if this job was convenient and I replied no just for the main time not like I want to quit. Then she said I can go back.”

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“I thought she understood as a mother would. Tomorrow completes a month I started working with her efficiently. I got home and I asked if I would be paid for the one month I worked and she replied with a No saying I was on probation.”

“Sometimes I come home late without eating and sometimes I have to resume with without eating and it caused my ulcer to start again. She started all this by bringing it to the social media. She would have just let it all die this morning. P.A’s are people’s children not classified maids.”