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Victor Adoji Opens Up

Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji, a strong contender in the Kogi State PDP governorship primary which held recently has bared his mind on the outcome of the exercise.

He said; “All contests have two or three expected outcomes and any reasonable athlete must prepare along those lines. To this end, the recent PDP gubernatorial primary election threw up a verdict which puts a number of us at the threshold of history: And unless, it has all the while been about me (myself and I), it’s incumbent that we act on the positive side of posterity. Not minding whatever transpired that may be regarded as unfair and untoward, I recognize Engr. Musa Wada as the flag-bearer.”

“Engr. Musa’s emergence, as those who are either close to the issues around the contest or the constantly ensuing dialectics (or both) would realize, has the potential to realign the power equation in the confluence state as well as unsettle the unfettered slide into despondence and despair, for majority of our people.”

“In the first instance, my reason for contesting the senatorial and gubernatorial elections back-to-back is my huge displeasure with the deplorable state of affairs in the eastern part of the state and the entire State respectively.”

“My disgust would not abate on account of my momentary inability for political office which is a secondary ambition. The first ambition been a commitment to achieve a halt in the current Mal administration bedeviling us as a people and us as a State.”

“To this end, I shall avail my full and untainted support to the Party’s flag bearer by commencing, in our own way, the process of a change of guard in Lugard House.”

“This is not the time to break our ranks under whatsoever guise and I won’t be drawn into debates or arguments that would negatively impact or even impugn the Party’s chances come November 16, 2019.”

“We shall overlook a number of issues and focus on the expected result because the alternative will be a catastrophe of unimaginable ramifications and consequences.”

“I must add that for the first time in the history of gubernatorial contests in Kogi State, from the eastern perspective, we had five aspirants who compared notes and were too willing to accept the outcome of the process without rancor, buck passing or name calling. These Aspirants played roles that are rare and unusual of ‘typical’ politicians despite the glaring imperfections of the process.”

“This is not the time to adduce reasons why one strategy worked and the other failed or demonize someone as either a double-agent or fifth columnist especially because the Bible says “the race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all”. Time and chance has thrust Engr. Musa Wada and I must respect God’s will in this case.”

“While DVAA Innovative Movement ensured our consultations and solicitations were issue-based, I take responsibility and apologize upfront if there was any inadvertent reference that maligned anyone or group while it lasted.”

“I lack the words to adequately appreciate those who stood by us through the twists and turns of our political endeavors and assure you that you have earned our respect, highest regards and friendship for life. I must add that we are on a journey and just as headwinds are not an unusual occurrence, down times are not fatal.”

“The task ahead is onerous and demands the unflinching commitment of everyone no matter our differences and resentments, if any.”

“Finally, we must appreciate God endlessly because there was the looming possibility of a worse-case scenario that never became. That gratitude can also manifest in the form of doing our parts to ensure the ship berths safely at the harbor.”

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