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Uthman Shodipe Laments

Veteran journalist cum politician, Uthman Shodipe is in pains and he has cried out to Nigerians…

“My state, my ancestry is gone, it is spent, despoiled, thwarted, fraught in mercenary largeness. It is now unowned, but also owned by larger men with determined incendiary fixity, frozen on gutting it all, fixated on sack and ruin and the elders look, indifferent compromised, sunk in complicity.”

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“Doddering, idiotic as aliens pillage their ancestry, while the young gawk, indifferent, sickening and sad; wandering, flustered, destroyed drowned in helpless venom while sophomoric characters vitiate the land of their fathers and I am also involved, baffled, lashed by the heavens, waiting, manoeuvring, concealed in the depths of the ancients I called on Ado Keme and he is unheard I called on Akinsemoyin and he is unheard I called on Ologunkutere and he is unheard I called on Akitoye and he is unheard I called on Dosunmu and he is unheard and I now called on Salawu Ado Dosunmu and he spoke to me in the medium of the gods.”

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“In the puzzling words of the ancients am still decoding the wisdom of the gods but this Lagos, our Lagos must be retrieved from the aliens the battle has started the duel is on !!!!”

– Uthman Shodipe Dosunmu is the Oloriekun of Olowogbowo and Akinrogun of Okolaba Ekun

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