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Tony Okoroji Exposed

Tony Okoroji, Chairman of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has been exposed by PMAN president, Pretty Okafor…

“When will Tony Okoroji stop selling this white lie to himself and to the desperate mob he obviously is leading to lala land? This looks more like mourning than celebration.”

“Why didn’t Tony okoroji tell his followers that the COSON accounts were all frozen by Pretty Okafor, PMAN president, Premiere Music limited & Ivory Music publishing.”

“After bowing your head in shame at the court room just yesterday 17/12/18, you still sugar-coated the lies and hid the real reasons why all COSONs bank accounts were frozen, promising that by the 1st quarter of the YEAR 2019, you will pay their royalties .. BIG CASTLES IN THE SKY. THE JUDGE ALREADY GAVE A RULING. YOUR CUP IS FULL & RUNNING OVER…. AND THIS TIME IT’S OOZING OF YOUR BAD BREATH…”

“But, don’t fret, if you are a Musician and a Content Owner you will get your royalties. But Dear colleagues, remember now that COSON is not A CHARITY ORGANIZATION . Those royalties are peoples sweat and it must be accounted for through forensic audit.”

“How come every time Okoroji convenes his “COSON events”, we hardly see any serious label executive or relevant artist whose song is banging on radio, tv, bars or clubs in attendance? So the people wey their music dey earn royalty different, abi? And the people wey dey come line up to collect their money different? Nigeria na wa o!”

“How many musicians can look at Okoroji in the eye and demand explanation on how N42m was spent by COSON between May and June 2018? You didn’t know? Now you do.”

The people who dared to ask why N22m was withdrawn and shared in 2017 by Okoroji , he slammed & slapped them with lawsuits. Okoroji…. Time has run out on you… If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime..”

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