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Third Term Is Idiotic – Adebayo Shittu

Former Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu has bared his mind on the problems facing the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said; “In the last two elections, Buhari got 15million votes in each and that is because he is on the ballot.”

“From the north alone he got 12 million on each occasion if APC is not careful to put its house in order for people not to be sent out from the party.”

“Where will the vote come from in 2023 if the mandate of Buhari is no more on the ballot? I think that’s food for thought for those who can think well.”

“The issue of the third term for Buhari is idiotic. Our constitution prescribes two terms. It is the handiwork of some confusionists. Buhari is not interested in such agenda.”

“He cannot do anything that would tarnish his image and integrity. It is a mere waste of time for some people to be talking about third term.”

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