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They Are Plotting To Kill Me – Kollington Ayinla

Famous fuji musician, Kollington Ayinla has made a shocking confession…

“But the enemies within are those that I had mistakenly got married to in the early stage of my career. These are the people plotting my death, so they can take over my property. But I won’t allow such a thing to happen after my death. As far as I am concerned, those people who made me go through hell in life will not have access to my property. Therefore, rather than allow this property or any other one to be inherited by these people, I will sell it off. So, that was what I told the reporter. I never said I sold my house; yet, he reported that I did because of health condition. I am a not a sickler!”

“I swear with Allah’s name and that of the holy Prophet, I don’t know how the Baba Ijebu lotto paper looks like and I have never met Baba Ijebu either. It is more than five years since I started hearing the rumour that I won Baba Ijebu lotto. They said I won N400million and that I sued Baba Ijebu to court when he defaulted. They also said Baba Ijebu promised to be paying me N1million monthly. I have refuted all these rumours several times, but nobody seems to believe me.”

“Maybe the people saying this have carried out an evaluation of the house and concluded that you couldn’t have built it, if you didn’t make so much money possibly from playing Baba Ijebu lotto.”

“As a father, whatever your child owns is indirectly yours. As I said earlier, it is owned by my daughter who lives in the U.S. It is rare to find a musician, especially in this part of the world, who has not fallen into the same pit. In my case, I regret marrying many wives. If I knew things would later turn out like this, I wouldn’t have married so many women. Human beings are unpredictable! Don’t also forget that women are very jealous; they don’t like rivalry in any way. But we were too young and ignorant to know all these at that time.”

“In our kind of profession, if you don’t invite them (women), they will come running to you. If you have a relationship with five people, you will find someone who will be acting like Judas among them. I am not pointing finger at anyone. So, once you know that some people are after your life, even if it is a rumour, you must be very wary. So, I am trying to be smarter by wanting to sell my house, so that no one will inherit what is not rightfully hers.”

“Most of my children are graduates, so they can’t be interested in my property. In my case, I am not so educated and I didn’t inherit anything from my parents. It was by God’s grace that I got to this height in life. So, the children too will sort out themselves.”

– Culled from The Nation

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