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Shehu Sani Slams El-Rufai

Senator Shehu Sani has again taken Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State to the cleaners for claiming to have retired him from politics.

He said; “My attention has been drawn to the post by Nasir El-rufai where he made mention of my name and that of Distinguished Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi. Even though I’m in Court with the Governor in the last one year where he sued me and I sued him back for libel, it’s still necessary to respond to him thus; You can’t claim to have ‘retired’ anyone in politics when all your life is about hanging behind President Buhari and name dropping him to achieve your goals.”

“You are yet to prove your ‘power of retirement’ by standing on your feet, though the recent one you did was trying to be the chairman of Governors’ forum and you woefully failed.”

“Your treacherous history of decamping from one Godfather to another is well known to all Nigerians. And I have always believed that it’s a matter of time before PMB will have a taste of your patented venom and perfidy once you reach a point that he is of no further importance to you.”

“You are Neither the first to ‘win re-election’ nor will you be the last in our state. The difference is that even Makarfi who served 8 years never claimed to have retired anyone. And their victories was never challenged as fraud.”

“It’s typical of you after spending days and night begging PMB and Oshiomhole to have your way over two senatorial seats only for you to purport for yourself the claim of retiring your perceived adversaries. All the staff of Oshiomhole’s office at Aso Drive can attest to how you patrolled that office 24hours and knelt down for him to have your way and how you shed tears before PMB to let you install a stooge.”

“However, I believed that President Buhari is experienced enough to know that what you say behind him is different from what you say before him. In the last four years, I have survived many attacks and assassination attempts in Kaduna of which the intention is clear.”

“You tried to frame me up for murder until your evil became exposed. On the month of May 2018 you openly called on the public to launch violence and kill me and the other two senators. The clear threats in your post is not different from your desire to murder me or Senator Hunkuyi or any of our family members.”

“You are highly intoxicated with power, but like I always say, power is temporary, no matter how long you cling unto it, it’s a matter of time you will return back as an ordinary person and at the mercy of your deeds.”

“You can continue to hide behind Buhari to ‘retire people’ and you can use your vantage position to kill me or Senator Hunkuyi But Neither you nor your likes can silence us. I’m not responsible for your height but your God.”

“You, your wives and your children are so stuck and obsessed with us, why not for once graduate from this point. I’m always proud of my votes and my supporters; I never divided people along religious lines to get votes and I never shared money and fabrics to women and men to queue up to vote for me and I never used threats and violence to force people to vote for me and I never relied on ‘Baba Buhari’ to come to Kaduna to ask people to vote for me.”

“Before I left the APC, I told PMB and Oshiomhole and Tinubu that you will insult, betray and fight them. It’s in your DNA. The liquor of power makes you think and act like a God, enjoy it while it lasts. It seems your mind is still troubled if not, Shehu Sani could not have been in your heart long after you ‘retired him’.”

“You are at liberty to send your body bags assassins after me but be rest assured that the Shehu you know will never be silent.”

This is coming after El-Rufai on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 took to his social media handles to write;

“KDSG congratulates Senators Suleiman Abdu Kwari and Uba Sani and wish the former senators Suleiman Hunkuyi and Shehu Sani a well-deserved retirement.”

“LESSON: Unless betrayed, our loyalty and fidelity to friends are permanent and pensionable. Unless reconciled, our opposition and enmity to traitors are also permanent and pensionable. A new chapter for all of them begins today.”

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