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Revealed! Why Governor Ayade Dumped PDP

That Governor Ben Ayade of Cross Rivers State has dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) is an established.

However, a source from Cross Rivers State has given details why the Governor defected to the APC.

Chairman of Bakassi Local Government Council, Hon. Iyadim Iyadim made the revelation.

He said; “The struggle for supremacy as to who controls PDP is responsible for the defection of Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River, chairmen, counsellors and other appointees from the party to the APC.”

“Leadership crisis in the party was responsible for what you see in PDP. As far as we are concerned, PDP did not give Gov Ayade the opportunity to lead the party the way he wanted.”

“It got to a level that we, the chairmen had to move to Abuja to talk to the National secretariat, but nothing seriously was done.”

“Remember that this crisis started after the wards and local government congresses, and it was supposed to follow up with state and national convention, but there was crisis here and there and the one in Cross River State was very prominent.”

“We made all efforts, preached all the gospels but the National Assembly members divided the party and the governor was more or less treated as a stranger.”

“The governor met with all the counsellors in the state and they also declared their supports for him and the APC.”

“You know how the organization works, that chairmen cannot move and leave the counsellors behind, that is a fact”.

“There were efforts to get the list of congresses harmonized but that never happened. Politics is about relevance and recognition and when you are not recognize and made to be irrelevant where people see you as nobody, you are bound to find your level, now CRS has changed or transformed from PDP state to APC state and we are not going back.”

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