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Korra Obidi In Hot Soup

Famous dancer, Korra Obidi has been attacked by netizans for spending the GoFundMe campaign money she received from her fans on herself, instead of using it to seek legal redress against her former husband.

Below are the reactions from social media users:

@Anitarose122 wrote: “Korra Obidi is going on vacation in Hawaii and some of her fans are crying that they raised money for her to fight her ex husband in court case, only for her to be going on vacation. Go flex your life. Them must get sense by force $54,000 no be beans. Tour the world my dear.”

@the_beardedsina wrote, “You won’t donate money to legit gofund me of people that need surgery, have chronic diseases or cancers But you will carry money to support Korra Obidi that wants to go for vacation. Now you’re shouting that you were used. Make it make sense.”

@Tunsti wrote: “There are real courses to donate to but you let Korra Obidi finesse you to give her your hard earned money. She lied that she needs the money to pay a lawyer to fight her ex-husband in court but her true intention was to spend the money on a vacation to Hawaii. Next time, be wise.”

Karen Lenea wrote: “Your father should be a shame of you for BEGGING for money to fly around the world I bet you didn’t even get a lawyer. I feel sorry for the people that give you money. WAKE UP PEOPLE.”

Jennifer Lynn Russell wrote; “Mad that she can’t post pictures because without posting pictures she can’t make money. She needs to post pictures of her kids to make money. But she would rather go to Hawaii than see. Her children sickening and people gave her $. Or whatever was on that go find me. People needs to report the go fund me everybody needs to report to get their money back.”

Robyn White Best wrote: “There’s no way in hell that I would be off flying to Hawaii on Mother’s Day when I could be with my kids . You talk a good game, but your morals are so wrong. This is a very special day for mothers and you don’t even have your children when you can have your children yet you too running around all the spending the day with them.”

Brandy Marie Caudillo wrote: “Actions speak louder than words Period. You are going on a trip But it’s your day to spend time with the kids. Spending that go fund me money well. your kids deserve better. Shame on you.”

Mamaluv Love wrote, “Lol emotional blackmail and people fell for it enjoy free money travelling the world and blocking people that contributed as well..smh.”

For those who don’t know, Korra Obidi had before now, took to her Facebook account to beg her fans for money to respond to her husband’s legal actions regarding her use of their children in social media content.

She said: “As a mother, it’s time to fight for myself and my kids.”

Surprisingly, the dancer after receiving $50,000 donations from her fans, announced during a live session on Facebook on Sunday that she will be going to Hawaii for vacation.

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