Pastor Okotie Blasts Catholics

Khris Okotie* They Worship Satan

* Pope Is Anti-Christ

* They Will Go To Hell

Musician turned pastor, Kris Okotie is back on the front burner of social discourse.

The preacher overseeing religious ministry, Household of Church situated in Ikeja Lagos just made a startling declaration.

‘All Catholics in the world will go to hell because they worship Satan and are led by an Anti-Christ Pope who is a friend to the devil’. The flamboyant gospeller of the word reportedly made the comment during a Sunday service (Sunday December 1, 2013).

According to reports, Okotie hinged his claims on assertion that the Catholic church is “a counterfeit church set up by Satan” that “bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body.”

He further claimed that ‘“They are not Christians and have never been,”

The dandy pastor further disclosed to his congregation that he intends to stage a beauty pageant to determine the most beautiful woman in his church.

Since reports of these declarations originally hit town via evening news platform, P.M News, different reactions have trailed most especially condemnation on social platforms.

Both on ‘go to hell’ assertion and ‘most beautiful women in Church’.

The pageant particularly attracted harsh reactions based on Okotie’s marital status. He is presently single after two crashed marriages.

Samples to provide a window into the reactions are reproduced below

‘The preacher should be critically examined to ascertain his state of mind’

‘What does Rev Okotie know about God, Christianity and the Bible? The Bible condemns divorce and polygamy but that is exactly what Okotie practices. Who made him a judge over the church and other children and servants of God? He is not fit to be called a man of God. What is the difference between him and those he is condemning and judging?’

‘ Men of God have to realise that both as adults and because of their position they have a responsibility to LEARN TO CONTROL THEIR TONGUE!!! This ‘MOG’ never learned to do this, remember all the bad gist he was spreading after his marriage broke up too. Naija pastors have made church to tire me sef ‘

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‘If catholics are going to go to hell, my dear Chris Okotie you are going to be in front of the line.’

‘What do you expect from a failed:





And husband.

Anyway overtime I’ve learnt not to join issues with people like him, it’s of no use engaging in such argument.

If all Catholics are going to hell, Oh! I can’t wait to make this hell my heaven.


‘Someone that can’t keep his marriage after two failed attempts, I wonder what he will be preaching to his congregation in church about marriage. He told us that He will be the next president of Nigeria, after two or three attempts he failed. In fact, he can’t even win his ward, not to talk of winning the presidency. He starts and ends his campaign within the confines of his church.

He has no right to judge other denomination. He is the one that is worshipping Satan. I pity members of his church. Chris Okotie is a disaster, a joker, and above all a ninny’.

‘he himself might be an Anti-Christ. How can a Man of God marry 2twice and divorce 2twice. Wat den does he preach to his followers? Or wat gud example is he showing to dem. And if he’s truely a Man of God, he shd knw dat even d Bible itself in Matthew 7:says: Thou shall not Judge’

‘These are signs if a man losing his mind and who requires urgent psychiatric evaluation before it gets unmanageable. I blame the people who attend the church. A beauty pageant in church, for real?! Whose church should we be condemning now? Many Pentecostal churches these days are no longer for spiritual growth and development but for social gatherings. The real signs of end times’

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‘Chris Okotie is the real devil’s right hand man. If u really said these words then u are the gate of HELL’

Here is a reproduction of the report by P.M News that brought the development to the fore.

‘All Catholics in the world will go to hell because they worship Satan and are led by an Anti-Christ Pope who is a friend to the devil, Nigeria’s controversial preacher and former presidential candidate, Chris Okotie, told his congregation on Sunday, leaving members bewildered.

Fifty-five year old Okotie, while preaching in his Household of God Church in Ikeja area of Lagos, western Nigeria, said the Catholic church is “a counterfeit church set up by Satan” and that Catholics “bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body.”

“They are not Christians and have never been,” Okotie told a stunned congregation.

“They don’t know Jesus. They believe that when they eat bread on Sundays, they are eating the body of Jesus. It’s ritual,” Okotie said.

He said Pope Francis is an Anti-Christ who does the job of the devil and that time is fast approaching when the Catholic church will pledge allegiance to Satan.

“The pope is an Anti-Christ and the Catholic church will soon declare for Satan. This is the end of times,” Okotie erupted.

He advised members of his church to come to the rescue of Catholics and evangelise them.

This, he said, was not out of disrespect but out of respect for the word of God.

He said those who know the truth should bring it to those who do not know it in the Catholic Church.

‘Okotie said one of the Catholic most revered Popes, Pope John Paul 11, surrendered the Catholic Church to Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus Christ, instead of Jesus himself. He said even the current Pope Francis has also done same.

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He said Catholics are not Christians and do not worship the same Christ that he preaches in his church, at least the one spoken about in the Bible.

Okotie said he did not write the Bible but it was clear to him that those in the Catholic church were lost and were heading to hell fire.

“They don’t believe in heaven. They believe in purgatory, the purgatory that they invented,” Okotie said.

“That church, the Catholic church has been there for Satan and at the right time, they will declare for Satan,”Okotie said.

Okotie who has been married twice and divorced also twice said a beauty pageant will take place in his church next Sunday to select the most beautiful woman in his church.

He also said his yearly “Grace programme” where he makes donations to charity organisations will also take place next Sunday.

The once rock star turned celebrity preacher and politician has been controversial for years.

He once said it was the devil who told him for the first time that he was going to be a preacher.

‘He also said Nigeria’s famous preacher Prophet T.B. Joshua is the son of the devil and his followers will go straight to hell.

In recent years, he has been saying that God has anointed him to be Nigeria’s president. That prophecy has not come to pass in two presidential elections that he participated in.’