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Pastor Iginla Exposed

Prophetic Fire Embassy International Church, Pastor Precious Iginla has been exposed by his wife, Blessing.

She said; “The abuse started one week into the wedding when the brother asked me to sit down in the congregation, from then that abuse started.”

“From that day, he started physically attacking me, at every slight provocation he would slap me, at every slight provocation he would strangle me.”

“At every slight provocation. My neighbors in Gwagwalada can attest to this if their watching. My neighbors in Port Harcourt Mrs Tinu can attest to it, they’ve seen me, they’ve come to beg him.”

“My neighbors in South Africa can attest to it she has come to beg him time and time without number to let me into the house.”

“Most times after he attacks me I run out or atimes he pushes me out of the house, I go out and stay for sometime until neighbors will come and beg so it’s been like that.”

“The physical abuse started one week into the wedding but I stayed because neighbors and church members kept convincing me. I got married at 25. I didn’t know much about life like I do now.”

Pastor Precious Iginla and Blessing got married in 2014 and they have two children together.

The couple’s marriage crashed over allegations of domestic violence.

Pastor Precious Iginla is the younger brother, famous preacher, Prophet Joshua Iginla of Champions Royal Assembly.

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