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Oshiomhole Is A Filthy Rat – Galadima

The national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole has been taken to the cleaners by Buba Galadima, leader of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC…

“I didn’t want to join issues with Adams Oshiomhole because he is just a filthy rat. He so forgot that in 2003, he was commissioned by Obasanjo to produce a false public opinion as Labour leader against Buhari and abused the hell out of him.”

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“He so forgot that he gathered everybody including an Oba of Benin to tell them that they should vote for their brother, Jonathan, against ‘this useless Fulani man.’ So, today he is a Buhari man? Oshiomhole should come clean and tell us where he got the money to build his house, the palace in Abuja and the university and palace in his village.”

“He is a public officer, let him come out and tell us. He told me he would crush me, meaning he will kill me. He said it and his welfare secretary also echoed the same thing on BBC. We are not a trade union so he can’t behave like a trade union leader.”

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“This is not labourer and herdsman palaver. It’s because Buhari and Tinubu don’t know the ambitious guy they brought into power. He will betray them. In 2023, if we are alive, you will see that Oshiomhole will deal with the Tinubu who brought him because all their eyes are on one thing.”

– Culled from PremiumTimes