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Orji Kalu Speaks On Presidential Ambition

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has opened up on his presidential ambition.

He said; “Northern groups are drumming support for me to vie for the presidential seat because they found me worthy to deliver good governance to the nation.”

“My credibility, honesty and the capacity to deliver endeared me to many northerners.”

“What is responsible for that, is that I have known most of the presidents from the north for a long time, and I have had deep relationships, and am not sure I have disappointed in any of these relations.”

“And I have also known many northerners, and I have had so many businesses with them, I had to do politics with them and in terms of business, I am not sure I have disappointed anybody in terms of buying and selling.”

“They find me worthy because they know whatever I say, I will do, and whatever I say I will not do, I will not do it.”

“The northerners find out that I am sincere to them, and they are sincere to me.”

“So, for people who gave me opportunity to be their brother at no cost when I was nothing, and when I am somebody, is it good to leave them? The answer is no.”

“I cannot leave them because I started with them, and I think staying with them is better than abandoning them, when I feel I am better.”

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