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Ogogo In Public Fight

Popular actor Ogogo (Taiwo Hassan) has reacted to the viral video where he was seen fighting in the public.

He said: “Before blogger’s pick this up, let me tell my side of the story and the truth.”

“Was in Ilaro my own home town, for an inspection of a project, after which some unknown guys walked up to me for the normal appraisals.”

“1 We watch you movie, 2 Give us money, We watched you all through our childhood.”

“All these as an actor we hear everyday, I offer all i had on me and one of them dragged me by my agbada and demanded for an amount I can’t pay.”

“Asked him to leave me, he said “Do your worse” the rest is story , please stop harassing actors or entertainers, Do you pay anyone for doing your job, No its our Job too. Accept all we offer when we do.”

“Remember, Once a boxer always a boxer”

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