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Nigeria Must Be Restructured – Charles Ahize

 Chief Charles Ahize, leader of Obigbo, an Igbo socio-political/cultural group has bared his mind on the need to restructure Nigeria…

“The urgent need to restructure Nigeria cannot be overemphasised in view of our current realities. It has become abundantly clear even to the most optimistic that the Nigerian project as is presently conceived cannot make meaningful progress unless the structure of the federation is tinkered with.”

“How do you justify a situation where the 36 states go cap in hand every month to Abuja to share tax and oil proceeds? It portrays us as the most unserious people on earth.”

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“Kaduna has more gold deposit than South Africa. The vast arable land of the north can feed the entire West Africa. The human capital of the West is incalculable. The commerce of the East is very sustainable. The fossil deposit of the South-south remains abundant for their needs.”

“The nation should be grouped into regions with each region responsible for its resources, internal security, development, education and health, leaving matters of currency, defence and external affairs to the federal government.”

“All regions should be paying taxes to the centre. The need to make the centre lean, efficient and less attractive has arisen. The entire nation cannot continue to rely on the proceeds of oil which is fast loosing value for its development.”

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“We must go back to the 1960 constitutional model and I bet you that no region would grow at less than 10percent per annum and Nigeria would be a trillion dollar economy by 2030.”

“For those who oppose restructuring, let it be known to them that we will continue to move in circles if nothing radical is done to change the way we conduct our affairs. The restructuring should be discussed and terms of coexistence agreed upon by a Constituent Assembly elected by the people on the basis of equality of states.”

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“We should go back to Regional Governments as federating units. This will certainly result in competitive federalism thereby unleashing the hidden potentials of our people. It will result to rapid development and engender a greater sense of justice and equity.”

– Culled from The Sun