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Charles Ahinze Opens Up On Tinubu

Chief Charles Ahize, leader of Obigbo, an Igbo socio-political/cultural group has finally opened up on Bola Tinubu’s alleged plot for power to return to the South-West in 2023…

“The allegation by Senator Bukola Saraki regarding Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s scheme to return presidential power to the South-west in 2023 is both worrisome and offensive.”

“While it may be premature to start discussing Tinubu’s alleged ambition, which is constitutionally legitimate, it is my humble and respectful view that we commence a national conversation on the fundamental principles that should guide the emergence of the Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023.”

“However, care must be taken not to aggravate the fault lines that threaten to tip us over the cliff into the abyss of political turmoil. Bola Tinubu can only be judged by his actions going forward. He doesn’t come across as a man impelled by selfish ambition who would recklessly waste the integrity of his political capital.”

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“He represents the progressive blend of leaders who have made promising transformational strides to enhance diversity and inclusiveness in our national life through the pursuit of equity and justice. In politics, there are people who are always ready to justify the most bizarre conspiracy once it would favour them.”

“That is why we have policies like zoning meant to advance the growth and stability of the country. We must be ready to radically nurture our political growth points. We must begin now to interrogate the action plan of all political parties in upholding the unity of the country. Tinubu, President Buhari and APC must speak up, because a culture of silence is not acceptable in this instance.”

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“It would amount to playing into the hands of agitators. The Igbo having only occupied the position of the Senate President for eight years in the last 19 years refuse to believe that we cannot have a decent chance of progression to the top echelon of political leadership in our own country.”

“The Igbo must have a frontline role in leading successful efforts to reposition the country on the path of sustainable development and to provide all Nigerians with good quality of life. I urge our people to begin now by engaging the long octopus arm of politics to seek understanding and cooperation with all groups in the country. Those who seek to exclude us from the Presidency of Nigeria are relentless in their pursuit and that calls for eternal vigilance on our part.

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– Culled from The Sun

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