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Mudi’s Revelations

Mudi Africa boss, Clement Mudiaga Enejemo a.k.a Mudi has made shocking revelations.

He said; “My mum’s name is Margaret Enejemuo. She’s 85 years old, she’s still very strong except for her arthritis due to old age.”

“My mum believes so much in hard work. She’s a disciplinarian. When we were young she was running a restaurant and she kept drumming it into our ears that hard work pays.”

“That is where I got the doggedness to keep forging ahead in creativity with the Mudi brand. I learnt so much from her as an entrepreneur.”

“Moral values, contentment; she’s always telling us to be content with whatever we have. Most parents have failed to teach their children moral values because they are so preoccupied chasing money.”

“Even in schools these days no moral values and after getting a degree. She also taught us to be humble in life. That proper upbringing is what I inculcate in my children’s life too.”

“When we were growing up my mum made sure we dressed well. We are from an average family, but we look like children from rich homes.”

“Back then, she was among the best-dressed woman where I came from in Ughelli, about 10 minutes drive from Warri, Delta State. I love my mum’s Banga and Starch.”

“I like her flexibility. She did not interfere with our relationships. My siblings and I got married to our choice of spouses.”

“Once you are happy with your choice she gives her blessing. She’s civilized, though she didn’t go to school, but she’s smart and cultured. My mum believes so much in hard work. When we were young she tells us that hard work pays.”

“She didn’t say anything. As far as I’m happy with my choice as a tailor she doesn’t mind. Though some of my friends were calling me a joke. Thinking how would I make it with sewing clothes.”

“For me, what you want is what you go for. I have the determination that it is possible to achieve what I’m doing and be successful. I have that feeling right from when I started apprenticeship in tailoring as a graduate.”

“The one I will never forget was the day I stole pepper fruit from her bedroom. I ran out of the house to play football with friends. When she came back and found out what I have done she was very angry. She flogged hell out of me. I can never forget that day.”

“She had 10 children. Three died, so we are seven children of hers now.”

– Culled from The Sun

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