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Mercy Aigbe In Fresh Trouble

Popular actress, Mercy Aigbe has landed herself in a serious mess.

Trouble started for the actress when she took to her Instagram page to praise her colleague, Toyin Abraham’s former husband, Adeniyi Johnson for congratulating the actress and her new husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi over the arrival of their new baby.

But to her greatest dismay, her post was accompanied with a rain of insults as Instagram users trooped out en masse to knock her. See below their comments…

@ceelianwayoma: “Where you dey when he did comedy skit of legbegbe and mocked Toyin asking her to release the divorce papers alabosi oju aye woman.”

@ayinke_ade004: “biko Mercy abi wetin dem call u, who send u message which one is let past be past, Ile aye lati ba, ex no be force, u were someone’s trash too before ur husband picked u up and u moved on, if he no marry se another person will not marry her ni, abi which one is your own madness, if u don’t know what to do carry that ur k-legs to India to help you rearrange. This is 2019 no time to wish another person bad, if u are just pretending you better carry ur craze commot, it’s not as if u were not cheating when u were still married ooo, na y Gentry beat hell of ya life… Oniranu.”

@houseofabefe: “And you think the post post is necessary MERCY? Shior.”

@Miziz_a: “I Don’t think there is any need for this really, he did the right think true, there is no need to praise him.. ehy are we creating drama where there is none.”

@abdulshowoo: “Mercy, need not praise him over the needful. He is a Yoruba guy, culture and tradition lead the way. I stand to be corrected though.”

@andrewsjuliet: “Unnecessary post”

@mz_folar: “Let me get it straight, he is being celebrated becos he congratulated Toyin , nothin wey person eye no go see. So unnecessary, they av both moved on, if him congratulate am, shey him wan go fight ni, he got no choice, God has blessed Toyin, gave her double for her loss… next post pls ma.”

@ewajesuswumi: “Why this public post if I may ask?”

@adeyosola_: “Y’all so dramatic for no reason.”

@yesteloatundun: “Madam u dnt need all dis. Dnt cause another drama again.”

@mzella0: “With all due respect ma, this post is not necessary.”

@queen_rash1: “Merci you are mad!”

@mumsy_janet: “Aunty wa Mercy this is the highest ibosi I have ever seen. You don’t need this to praise him for anything. Who told you what he did was from his heart? It was just eye service. Please you people should stop trending on Toyin’s matter. Who disturb you when walked away from your own marriage? Awon Anti Alabosi.”

@beamer_: “Yoruba movie industry is filled with hipocrisy. Your post is very unnecessary, must you make a big deal of this? You know his congratulatory message was out of whatever, obvious you ain’t even happy for the Toyin… is that how you praise your ex-husband when he post things about you? Grow up and stop these bullshit. you all are bitter people!”

@wummie_: “Drama Queen… This ain’t necessary abeg… tcheeew.”

@yemstelolatundun: “Aunty Mercy alabosi niyin… @gistlover.blog ur food is here.”

@kofoola: “What’s this post for now? Hunty Mercy agbaya alabosi. Either he congratulated them or not… the baby has come to stay n kolatoyin will have blissful married life…”

@arikeebukky: “Rubbish post you wan cause another trouble… celebrity alabosi, amebo.”

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