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Kemi Olunloyo Fights Linda Ikeji Again

Controversial blogger and daughter of former Governor Omololu Olunloyo of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo has taken popular blogger, Linda Ikeji to the cleaners….

“Why I really forgave Linda Ikeji. Her fans think she was about to sue me, I was actually about to expose some facts about her that will put the industry in turmoil and bring down her empire. I spared Linda under advice from her attorneys and mine.”

“Last week November 3rd, 2018 I posted this collage with Linda Ikeji and Yvonne Jegede and I asked you which was the fake one? Some of you #SBNI asking me that does that mean everything I wrote about her was UNTRUE? I am an investigative Journalist.”

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“I don’t’ make up stories, I Investigate them. The only time I was prevented was when Pastor Ibiyeomie PREVENTED me by surrounding my house with 14 police officers. You supported him. Now a Journalist has been killed by 15 Saudi Government agents in his own embassy and you are making noise.”

“Investigative Journalism is not personal. It’s not about fear. Nobody is bigger than God. It’s about MONEY. The cost of Investigative Journalism can only be affordable with big media not independent Journalists like me. After Linda Ikeji DESTROYED my brand which was just months old, she took the entire market not knowing that it will come crashing on her 5yrs later.”

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“I was determined to make her THE STORY. I am holding key footage on her entire career. KNOW WHO TO TRUST! The Ikeji’s don’t reply me till it got hot! Laura wrote; “leave us alone”, Linda wrote; “you don buy market” threatening to sue. Her lawyer called me begging to settle this “beef”. Hushpuppi got into the sattire to brainwash you. Apologise to Linda, get Medical money. The fact is that Linda was WICKED to many in the industry. People she hurt and those who worked for her gathered evidence against her to bring her down.

✓The Laura barren Tape

✓The Theo Toolz dead baby Tape

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✓The surrogacy and hospital package

✓The fake engagement

✓The lawmaker Bentley gift ✓The Femi Kuti, SDK, Momodu kids

✓My upcoming interview with Tsolaye about his real pregnant fiance

✓The Aloba speculation that she paid him to doctor a story that she was secretly married. Aloba denied that.
I was ready to get damages from her EMPIRE now that she was worth something. TRUST NOBODY U WORK WITH LINDA. Good Luck!”